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London, England. November 10, 2018.

Daniela ran into the bathroom.

She took a shower, went into the bedroom, got dressed in a hurry, and put on her earrings in front of the mirror. Her two packed suitcases still stood by the door. Sebastian’s clothes were still in the laundry basket, but there was no time to put them in the washing machine. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to convince herself that she could live with that for a few more hours.

She spun on her heel, closed the dressing room door, and went into the room that already looked very different after she had given it a good going over. It was incredible, but every time she set foot in London, she spent a couple of hours cleaning and tidying up her boyfriend’s house. He lived in chaos with astonishing tranquility, without noticing or seeing the unmade bed, the dirty dishes in the kitchen, the clothes on the bedroom or bathroom floor, or the boxes of pizza or groceries abandoned in the living room. Sebastian never saw anything, nor was he bothered by anything. If she wanted to stay with him, it was up to her to clean and tidy up or close her eyes and live in the middle of the chaos. That last option was unfeasible.

* * *

She walked down the stairs of the duplex, which was located in the heart of Belgravia, thinking there were at most ten minutes left for Sebastian to arrive, and entered the kitchen of the adjacent apartment. Her future mother-in-law was arguing heatedly with the caterer she had hired. Daniela stood in front of her and smiled.

“Your son is coming. We should get ready. What’s the problem, Diana?”

“We ordered vegan wine, and they didn’t bring it,” she replied.

“Aren’t all wines vegan?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

Diana widened her eyes in shock. “No, honey. Normal wine is made by using egg albumin, casein which is a protein derived from milk, or gelatin which is obtained from animal cartilage. Vegan wines are made with fining agents derived from wheat, potatoes, or peas. I’m surprised you don’t know that.” She looked angrily at the caterer, and Daniela sighed.

“Do you have a problem with non-vegan wine?” she asked.

“No, but your friends—” She pointed at the crowded room, and Daniela grabbed her arm.

“Don’t worry. No matter how vegan they are, they won’t refuse wine. Come with me. It’s getting late.”

Daniela steered Diana to the living room, where all her friends, some cousins and siblings, Sebastian’s father, and his grandparents were nervously waiting for the birthday boy to arrive. She smiled at them all, remembering the last instructions: silence, lights off, and shout “surprise” when the honoree came through the front door.

Everything was very organized because Sebastian was turning thirty, and his parents wanted to do something special for him. She had lent herself as an accomplice and had helped with everything necessary to organize a perfect and spectacular surprise party in his apartment. He didn’t know anything. He didn’t even suspect. She had even told him she wouldn’t be able to travel to see him that weekend in London. It would be a total surprise, and it was very exciting.

She looked at the tracker the two of them had jokingly installed on his cell phone. He was already at the front door of the building. She called for everyone’s attention, and they all ran to their places to hide. The lights went out, and they waited, crouched, until they heard the key in the lock and the door opening.

Sebastian had not come alone.

* * *


Everyone shouted except Daniela, who sensed the disaster. And then the lights came on, and everyone saw Sebastian Relish-Bowles unzipping his pants with one hand while, with the other, he held a very pretty blonde against the wall. She jumped in fright and yanked down her skirt when the lights came on and she realized they were not alone.

The silence was instantaneous and complete. Not a fly could be heard buzzing.

Sebastian blinked in disbelief before looking at Daniela and producing a guilty smile that only worsened the most humiliating and embarrassing situation a girlfriend could face.

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