The Herbalist

The Herbalist

Series: The Blessing Giver, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

Mel knows the price of secrets.

They cost her everything. Her marriage. Her family. Her happiness. Now, she lives a simple, isolated life in the mountains, far from the troubles of Cantheon. But trouble, it seems, has a way of finding her.

She never should have helped hide the man with mixed blood from the Order, especially when it puts her in the crosshairs of the vengeful town steward and rips apart the life she fought for in Viviers.

In a last-ditch effort to warn her newfound friends and untangle herself from their conflict, her life is derailed when she’s forced onto a ship with the one man she never dared to confront again. Rhodric.

The man she still yearns for.

The man she walked out on six years ago in the middle of the night.

In this action-packed tale, Mel is torn between her loyalties to Rayelle and Paladin (The Blessing Giver), the unexplainable forces sparking within her, and her desperation to stay far, far away from her former lover and the dark secret they share.

Return to the Passage Realm for this enthralling slow-burn, second-chance fantasy romance. The Blessing Giver series continues to deliver an irresistible blend of passion and adventure that will keep you turning pages long into the night.

About the Book
About the Author
Cindy Gunderson

Cindy Gunderson is a voice actress and award-winning author. Since she has commitment issues, she writes both sci-fi (Tier Trilogy, and Unreal Series) and fantasy romance (Blessing Giver series) as well as contemporary romance and women's fiction under the pen name, Cynthia Gunderson.

When she is not typing away in a quiet corner of her local library, you can find her traveling with her family, narrating audiobooks, or happily digging in her garden. She loves acting and performing, beating her kids in card games, and playing ultimate frisbee with her handsome husband, Scott.

Cindy grew up in Alberta, Canada, but has lived most of her adult life between California and Colorado. She currently resides in the Denver metro area. Cindy holds a B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Cindy's first novel Tier 1 was awarded First Place in Science Fiction at the 2021 CIPPA EVVY Awards and her women's fiction novel Yes, And was honored with the Indie Author Award's first place prize for the state of Colorado, 2023.

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