Carpe Diem Juliet

Carpe Diem Juliet

Live in the moment, or plan every detail of your life?

Juliet Miller’s whole life has been lived under her strict and reassuring control. The restrictions she places upon herself are shattered when the disappearance of a neighbor coincides with a chance meeting with a fascinating stranger.

Her encounter with Michiel leads to an amazing mystery and the greatest adventure of her life.

When Juliet and Michiel join forces to search for a mutual friend, they unintentionally enter a world of mysteries, impenetrable family secrets, and impossible love.

However, the twists and turns of life can be surprising, irresistible, and sometimes unavoidable. The deep and mysterious currents take them to places Juliet’s carefully managed existence had always denied her. She can gamble on carpe diem, or cling to the surety of the familiar.

Will giving up control bring the freedom Juliet has sought? Or can she learn to go with the flow and discover her love story?

About the Book
About the Author
Claudia Velasco

Claudia Velasco lives in Madrid, Spain, but has a tendency to get lost in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the setting for most of her novels.

Journalist by profession and writer by vocation, she studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. She works at an international press agency and combines her passion for travel and history with her work and her great love: literature.

Claudia has more than twenty books published in Spanish, some of which are being translated into English.

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