Lean on Me

Lean on Me

Series: Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Novels
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

A perfect life... or the perfect lie?

Sixteen, wealthy, popular, and dating the hottest guy in school, my life seems ripped from the pages of a magazine. But those achievements create a spotlight that casts dangerous shadows.

When a pregnancy test shatters my illusions, I discover how quickly everything can change.

My boyfriend, Jake, the town's football hero, will let nothing derail his future. Not even our baby.

Betrayed and alone, I'm left fighting for my life against the boy everyone thinks is perfect. With only my best friend, Matt, on my side, I'm determined to protect the tiny life growing inside me.

But in a world where image is everything and Jake can do no wrong, can I survive his wrath and expose the truth behind his perfect facade?

Will my child and I become another statistic, or will we triumph against the odds stacked against us?

Lean on Me is a stand-alone novel and contains subjects that may be difficult to read for some such as DV, teen pregnancy, and discussions of pregnancy loss. Please check the fulllist of trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.

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