Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction

Series: Contemporary Romance Stand Alone Novels
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

She’s all business with zero tolerance for anything else, and he's a billionaire man-child. Working together is a recipe for disaster.

After surviving her ex's attempt on her life, Taylor put herself through college and landed an internship at New York's top literary agency, run by the brilliant, philanthropic, and attractive Alexander Stone.

But she didn’t hit the jackpot she thought she did.

Instead, Alexander is an arrogant, billionaire playboy who treats Taylor like a prudish killjoy.

When Alexander’s care-free and “nothing can touch me” attitude leads to unwanted media attention, Taylor’s past comes back to haunt her.

Kade, her murderous ex, has eyes everywhere, and soon, he knows exactly where she is.

Now, he’s gunning for them both.

And he never travels alone.

Will Taylor and Alexander be able to move past everything holding them apart, or will their constant distractions lead to their downfall?

NOTE: If you adore gorgeous billionaire playboys and enemies/rivals-to-lovers stories with snarky banter and high-stakes tension, Stranger than Fiction is your next must-read.

Please note that this novel contains some dark thematic elements (though the story itself is more gray than dark). Please check the trigger warnings before reading.

***Previously published as This Means War***

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