Malicious Pacts, A Crestview Academy Prequel

Malicious Pacts, A Crestview Academy Prequel

Series: Crestview Academy, Book 0.5
Genre: Bully Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

One fateful day changed everything, sending me down a path of secrets, lies, and murder.

Now I'm surrounded by danger, and I have no one I can trust.

My life was simple. I'm from a small town in Indiana, and nothing terribly complicated comes from small-town life. That is, until everything literally exploded around me, killing everything and everyone I'd ever loved. Decades of lies and secrets have slowly revealed themselves, and I came to a crippling revelation: the worst was yet to come.

The need for answers and safety sent me packing up and heading for California to a life I never knew was possible. I was supposed to start at Crestview in the fall, and I'd already been warned...

Stay away from Damian Wolfe.

Unfortunately for me, that's going to be a lot harder than it sounds.

This is a Reverse Harem high school BULLY romance series. If you love the genre, you'll love this! If you're new to it, there is a full list of TW inside.

This book is a PREQUEL and takes place BEFORE the beginning of the school year starts at Crestview. This book details the events leading up to the start of book one: Malicious Intent.

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