Monstrous Deeds

Monstrous Deeds

Series: Crestview Academy, Book 2
Genre: Bully Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

There wasn’t a word in the English language to describe just how badly Damian Wolfe screwed me.

He set his mind on a goal and achieved it. He took me down. He thought he’d run me out of the school by revealing my big secret. Instead, he just signed my death warrant.

Now, everything has been turned upside down. The veil was lifted, and no one had any reason to keep my existence in the dark anymore. That meant the danger lurking behind every corner just got a whole hell of a lot worse.

I tried to hide. I tried to stay safe, lurking in the shadows of Crestview Academy and Avery Manor, but that wasn’t an option. It was never an option. Damian and Harper both saw to that since the very beginning.

And as more secrets were spilled and more people close to me were put in danger, I was faced with a startling reality. It was time for me to do what I was trained all my life to do.


As the dust settled in some ways, and I learned who my true allies were, I also learned just how much I had to lose. The time had come for blood to be spilled, and I damn sure wasn’t about to let it be mine or anyone’s I loved.

If you want me, come get me.

I’m ready and waiting, and now I have an army.

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