Merciless Intents

Merciless Intents

Series: Crestview Academy, Book 1
Genre: Bully Romance
Publisher: Florid Romance

The more I uncover, the more danger I'm in.

I'm no longer safe anywhere.

Starting at Crestview Academy was supposed to be a brand-new start. A chance to grow new relationships, learn who I am and where I came from, and have a chance to do things I never could have dreamed of.

Instead, it's a living hell.

Everyone around me has dark intentions, Damian Wolfe being the worst of them. I know there are more secrets to be uncovered. Danger lurks behind every corner, and blood will be shed. After Damian succeeds in doing something that will no doubt paint a large target on my back, I have to wonder...

When the time comes… Will the blood spilled be mine?

Or will it be me who has to do the spilling?

This is a Reverse Harem high school BULLY romance series. If you love the genre, you'll love this! If you're new to it, there is a full list of TW inside.

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